Small Business Advice Articles


A great way for a small business owner or founder to build their profile and credibility is to offer their expert insight and first-hand experience through advice articles, strategically placed in small business publications. 

Business advice articles help to position entrepreneurs and business owners as leaders within their industry and enables them to educate others on what they have learned through their business journey. 

We will provide the following services to assist you in securing an advice article in a small business publication: 

  • Create three newsworthy and relevant advice article ‘angles’ based on your experience, knowledge base and industry
  • Research and develop a thorough media list of publications most suited to the pitch
  • Draft and distribute an exciting and attention-grabbing email to the list
  • This also includes one follow-up email  to ensure maximum media take-up 
  • Draft, review and edit one advice article up to 800 words (this will be dependent upon the successful angle) – one revision is included in the editing process. 
  • Sending the approved advice article to the Editor and following up to confirm the successful publication of the article. 

Please note that if more than one article gets picked up by the media, additional articles are $300+gst. A Founder bio and library of images must be provided if you have not yet invested in a Media Kit 

Please allow 30 business days for the entire process to be completed including pitching, follow-up, drafting, editing and publication of the article. 

Please note we have no control over when the media chooses to publish content but will monitor the process through to completion. 

Please note 10% GST will be added at checkout.


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