As MC, Chiquita Searle is a vibrant and charming facilitator who is able to maintain audience engagement from start to finish. She is positive, energetic and upbeat; adept at setting the appropriate tone for the event, maintaining tight time schedules and ensuring smooth transitions between segments.

She has MC’ed and facilitated panels across a variety of events for clients including the League of Extraordinary Women, Run the World, Empowered Women in Real Estate, Australian Women of Medicine and Pause Fest.

Sheryl Thai

CEO + Co-Founder
League of Extraordinary Women

Sharp, witty and engaging. As the emcee, Chiquita, was able to capture an audience of 450+ for our whole day Run the World Female Entrepreneur Conference and keep the energy levels high.

George Hedon

CEO & Founder
Pause Fest

Chiquita Searle; the girl with flair and even more hair! Chiquita coordinated and facilitated our ‘Top Women in Tech’ panel for Pause Fest 2016 and did a stellar job. As a facilitator she is engaging, full of character and able to hold the attention of the audience while keeping the panel on track. A great addition to our lineup in 2016!

Tim Denning

Blogger for Addicted2Success,
Entrepreneur.com and Startup Grind
While at Pause Fest I also observed the panel discussion that Chiquita ran and it was first class. She made the panel really think and asked unusual, thought-provoking questions that held the audience’s attention. I would happily recommend Chiquita to speak at future events, corporate gatherings and seminars and/or workshops.

Anna Thomas

Founder & Brand Ambassador
Empowered Women in Real Estate

I would have to say Chiquita Searle helped make our Empowered Women in Real Estate event so much fun. She has a way about her that engages everyone. Her willingness to go the extra mile, understand your audience and the line up of speakers is excellent. A truly professional and fantastic MC.

Karyn Gonano

Communication Coach
TEDxQUT 2015
When a presenter puts in the effort before a presentation, that means you, the audience, are highly valued. Chiquita ‘s presentations are well planned, well researched and well written. Her passion and energy for all things dynamic + female + entrepreneurial, means you’re certain to experience a session where there is more than ‘food for thought.

A good MC is vital to the success of any event. It’s the role which holds the event together, maintains energy, controls the time and ensures a positive outcome.

Chiquita has experience with full and half day conferences, panel discussions, facilitation and interviews.

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