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A press release is an official statement that announces something new or significant about your or your business and is a fantastic way to build credibility and provide the information to a journalist succinctly. However, not everything is deemed ‘newsworthy’ so we’ve provided a list below of events which might be worthy of a press release. 

  • Launching a new product range or into a new market
  • Commentary on stories that are already taking place in the news (e.g. if you’re a property manager and amended rental laws have come into effect you could provide some commentary on this new development)
  • New research conducted with surprising results
  • If you’ve recently won an Award and want to share the news with your industry
  • Significant financial investment
  • Tips you can offer a publication’s readers that align with your expertise (e.g. if you run a financial platform, what are 11 ‘obscure’ ways to save money) 

A small business is ever evolving and occasionally might have something innovative, exciting and newsworthy to share and this is where a press release can be useful. A press release is a one-page statement that delivers new information to the media succinctly and objectively. 

The Process:

Once you have placed your order, we will email a questionnaire for you to answer. This information will help create the press release and craft the core message and most newsworthy angle for your target audience so please be comprehensive in your responses. 

We will then draft the press release and send it through in a word document for your review and approval. This package offers the option of one revision. 

Please note that we reserve the right to not proceed if we do not feel we can deliver a result based on the information provided. In this case, the order will be refunded in full. 

The benefits:

  • Press releases provide brands with the opportunity to make an official announcement about a new innovation or change within their business
  • It drives brand awareness and enables a business to share their news directly with their target audience 
  • Enables a consistent message to be distributed to the media
  • Provides credibility to your business and brand as you can share the media win on your website, e-newsletters and other platforms. 
  • Great content for socials! 

Please allow 7 business days for your press release to be drafted and emailed through to you. 

Please note that this does not include the press release distribution. If you’d like us to distribute it on your behalf, please include the Press Release Distribution service at checkout.

If you have any questions, please email us at pr@chiquita.com.au for assistance.

Please note 10% GST will be added at checkout.


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