Press Release Distribution


Once a press release has been drafted and approved (by us or yourself), it needs to be distributed to the appropriate media. Distribution is just as important as the release itself, as without it landing in the right hands, it becomes redundant and meaningless. We can help create a media list based on the target audience you’d like to reach and then send the release to them, improving the chances of your story being picked up by the right people.

Once a press release has been drafted and approved (by us or yourself), it needs to be distributed to the relevant media in order to connect with your target audience. 

We will provide the following services in order to ensure your press release lands in the right hands: 

  • Extensive research and development of a relevant media list
  • Drafting an enticing and attention-grabbing email pitch with your press release and Media Kit attached (Media Kit to be provided)
  • Distribution of the email, press release and media kit to the media list
  • This also includes one follow-up email  to ensure maximum media take-up 

Once your order has been approved, we will email you a questionnaire to confirm your target audience and the ideal media outlets you’d like to publish your press release. 

Please allow 14 business days for the full service to be actioned from the initial email to finalising the follow-up email. A press release must be provided for this service (by us or yourself). If you’d like us to write it please add this service at checkout. 

Please note we can’t ‘guarantee’ the media of your choice; any media achieved is dependent upon the publication which is interested and who wants to run the press release. 

Please understand we have no control over when the media chooses to publish content but will monitor the process through to completion. 

Please note 10% GST will be added at checkout. Please email us at pr@chiquita.com.au for assistance.


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