Podcast Pitching


Podcast interviews are a wonderful way to simultaneously raise your profile (alongside that of your brand and/or business) and share your story with your target audience, thereby positioning yourself as a leader within your industry. It allows you to communicate your key messaging and establish yourself as a credible and reputable entrepreneur and/or thought leader who is personable and engaging. It also makes for great content to share on your website, newsletter and social media platforms. 

Podcast interviews are an ideal way to generate buzz for you and your brand and to reach a new and untapped audience. This form of media allows you to share your story in an engaging, entertaining and educational way, enabling people to understand who you are and what you’re about. 

We will provide the following services to assist you in securing a podcast appearance: 

  • Research, identify and develop a thorough list of podcasts most suited to your story, business and target audience 
  • Create an appealing pitch for you and your business that showcases your key messages and brand story 
  • Draft and distribute the pitch including the media kit (to be provided)l to the podcast list
  • This also includes one follow-up email  to ensure maximum media take-up 
  • Organise your appearance on the podcast including sending calendar invites with all the information 
  • We aim to secure a minimum of one podcast interview for you but will organise more if we have interest from multiple sources. 

Please allow 30 business days for the entire process to be completed including list-building pitching, follow-up and organisation of the podcast. 

Please note we have no control over which podcast you will appear on or when the host chooses to publish your episode but will monitor the process through to completion. 

Please note 10% GST will be added at checkout.


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