Media, Stylist & Influencer Gifting Campaign


A media, stylist or influencer ‘gifting campaign’ is a great way to get your products into the hands of those who are connected to and can influence your target audience about your products. This is for product-based businesses who want to ‘gift’ their products in a ‘PR box’ to specific individuals who have access to their target market. We will work together to identify who is best placed to engage with your audience and launch an outreach campaign to maximise awareness for your product and business.

This option is for product-based businesses only and who have the resources to be able to gift products to a range of relevant media, stylists and influencers. Please note the compilation of the ‘PR boxes’ are the responsibility of the business along with all postage and associated costs. 

More specifically a ‘Gifting Campaign’, includes:

  • Researching, identifying and compiling a range of up to 20 media, stylists and influencers who have access to your business target audience (the list compiled will be tailored to the brand and who best fits your product)
  • Creating an enticing on-brand pitch email to send to each of the identified collaboration partners
  • Launch outreach to the list to offer a product ‘PR gift box’ to be included in suitable media, styling or content creation opportunities 
  • Collating their contact details and providing them in a spreadsheet
  • One follow-up email is included to maximise media coverage

Once you’ve placed your order, we will email a list of questions to help us determine who is best placed to be interested in your product and to reach your target audience. We will also request images of your product and your ideas about the gift box and what will be included. We can also assist with ideas if you need help. 

All costs involved with the gift boxes, the packing of the gift boxes and postage are the responsibility of the business. This is not covered by our fee. It is also the brand’s responsibility to package up and send the gift boxes to the confirmed list of media. 

Please allow 45 business days for the entire campaign to be completed. 

Please note we can’t ‘guarantee’ the media of your choice; any media achieved is dependent upon the publication, stylist or influencer who is interested and who wants to review, publish or share your product. 

We have no control over when the media, stylist or influencer chooses to use the product or publish content but will monitor the process through to completion. 

Please note 10% GST will be added at checkout.


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