CHIQUITA & Co. is a full service PR, awards, experiential and talent management agency for startups and businesses which are spearheaded by go-getting, enterprising entrepreneurs who are driven, on a mission and ready to put the key in the ignition! Coincidentally, we also like working with those who appreciate a car analogy.

You might be wondering what this ‘PR business’ all about and what it is exactly that we do? In a nutshell, we light up your life. No really we do. We’re pretty cool.

For your business though and you as the founder in the professional sense, we believe that what you do and the way you do it is completely unique to you and it would be a disservice, that’s right, a disservice to not share this with the world at large and ideally, and most importantly, your target market.

Our mission, and we generally choose to accept it, especially if we like you, is to bold, italics and underline the shit out of your profile. We generate bucket loads of media attention, we put you on the speaking circuit (no, you won’t die), we submit snappy yet savvy awards submission on your behalf and we work on engaging with your community through experiences and events.

Sound cool? Ok, please do read on.


We have found that we generally attract clients who possess the 3 P’s:

Purpose Driven – there’s a strong ‘why’ behind the business which filters through every layer and touch point which is bigger and stronger for both founders and employees than commercial success

Point of Difference – it’s important for us (and you) to understand how you’ve decided to serve your particular brand of special sauce just a little bit differently from Joe Blow round the corner. What’s in your special sauce? Why should people buy your special sauce? Why should they tell their friends about your special sauce? NB: if you don’t like special sauce, this probably isn’t going to work out. It’s who we are, we just love our special sauce!

Partnership – we love working with you, so we love it when you also like working with us. Participating and being responsive is key to a fruitful partnership – as that’s how we view ourselves, as a partner in your business.

So, are you ready to put the key in the ignition?

Services include:

General PR

  • Media Relations
  • Media Kit Development
  • Media pitching
  • Press Releases
  • Editorial placement
  • Brand Creation & Management
  • Creative Photographic Direction
  • Copywriting & copyediting

Award Nominations

  • Identification of relevant awards
  • Award nomination consultation
  • Drafting & editing award nomination
  • Submitting award nomination
  • Collation of supporting documents
  • Announcing win on LinkedIn
  • Drafting & distributing release


  • End to End Event Management
  • Creation of Event Documents
  • Sponsorship Consultation
  • Sponsorship Engagement
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Collation of Gift Bags
  • Partnership Management
  • Event Reporting
  • MC duties

Talent Management

  • Talent Sheet Creation
  • Key Speaking Messages
  • Talent Pitching
  • Management of Speaking Gigs
  • Speaker Contracts
  • Talent Management Negotiations
  • Brand Ambassadorship Consult
  • On-site Talent Management
  • Brand Management

Anna Thomas

Chief Operating Officer
Stockdale & Leggo

We have been working with Chiquita for over 3 years now and she has created such a brand presence for us in the media and on the awards circuit. She has incredible ideas and is extremely driven to ensure not only your personal success but your brand success as well

Danelle Hunter

Managing Director
Biggin & Scott Knox

Chiquita has been fantastic. We have found Chiquita to be very hard working, reliable and she has really helped us in increasing our profile for both the company and Adam and I personally. I cannot speak highly enough of her and the service she provides.

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