The Influence Effect:

Harness your X factor to become a speaker of influence

We believe that your experiences, insights and learnings are a rare and extraordinary combination that only you possess and from which your ‘X factor’ is built. Your ‘X factor’ is both your gift and your competitive advantage and we are here to help you establish a powerful platform from which you can impact the world. 

The ‘Influence Effect’ package is most in demand by entrepreneurs and executives who are ready to level up and wish to position themselves as thought leaders and industry influencers within their fields through utilising speaking as a platform to build their profiles. 

We ‘harness your X factor’ over three phases which can be done as a three-month project or individually as per your needs. 



Overall the process takes three months with one month dedicated to one phase. To ensure that the process is completed by week 12, there may be some overlaps in the phase, with some activities from phase two or three being bought forward to ensure sufficient time is dedicated to each. 

If you are working to a tighter timeframe, we can put expedite your project however, this will incur a 15% ‘rush’ fee as additional resources will need to be engaged to ensure your timeline is met. 

We only work with a limited number of clients at a time to ensure complete client satisfaction so recommend securing your position asap to avoid joining the waiting list. 

All phases can be done as a complete project or individually as per your needs. 

The Influence Effect: The Assets Collection. 

We also assist clients with the below assets as addendums to their work with us beyond the development of their brand and speaking collateral. We continue to work together to ensure the longevity of their brand and reputation in their field progresses long after we have established the foundation. 

We help with:


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