The ‘Power of Women’ Series


We believe in the Power of Women and want to take this opportunity to showcase and celebrate, through interview, the powerful women in our midst. We ask these women what being ‘powerful’ means to them, the advice they’d give to their younger selves and what saying, quote, piece of advice or experience has had a powerful impact on them and how they now show up for themselves and other women.

Jac Phillips

Executive & Leadership Coach, Advisor and Speaker

Jac is a former CMO turned Executive & Leadership Coach, Advisor and Speaker. An absolute powerhouse, she now coaches ‘Rockstars’ every day to become better, more impactful leaders who make the world (and those in it) more joyful.

Sue Karzis

CEO of State Schools’ Relief

Sue Karzis is the CEO of State Schools’ Relief, a Victorian-based not for profit organisation that supports the needs of financially disadvantaged government school students. Since her appointment, Sue has propelled the charity to record numbers of impact.

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