Introducing Jac Phillips

Jac Phillips

Executive & Leadership Coach, Advisor and Speaker

Jac is a former CMO turned Executive & Leadership Coach, Advisor and Speaker. An absolute powerhouse, she now coaches ‘Rockstars’ every day to become better, more impactful leaders who make the world (and those in it) more joyful.

The ‘Power of Women’ Series Interview Questions

Societal expectations and gender stereotypes have dictated over thousands of years that we ‘ladies’ should be modest, humble, and put everyone else’s needs (i.e. men) before ours. When we are surrounded by this ‘expectation’ every day across 20 or mor years, when we finally do muster up the courage to pop our heads up to self promote, we are often perceived as being arrogant, pushy or aggressive. It takes a brave woman to say “fuck it!” but we need more bravado, because we need to hear from more women.

SPEAK UP. Your voice needs to be heard. You have an opinion, a point of view, you know great things and represent new audiences so “own it” and use your voice to make an impact, become known and remembered!

When we love something, and believe in it and find it meaningful, we approach it with enthusiasm, positivity and great energy. This type of energy leads to success – people notice, they want that energy to be part of their world too. It can lead to opportunities and success so lean-in to what you love to do (because chances are you will be good at it!).

A woman in control of her destiny. A woman who is comfortable in who she is. Confident, at ease in any room and can easily articulate her point of view and influence positive outcomes, especially on behalf of those who can’t.

So many people. Men and women, young and old. Family were my first influence; strong grandmothers, an amazing Mum (who had me at 18 years of age) and my two young adult children Maddy & Louis. As I grew up I was inspired (and are still inspired by and learn from her today) my best friend Bernadette O’Neill. There have also been CEO’s, founders of companies and Chairs of NFPs who have also shaped and influenced me through their vision and character. And whilst there has been diversity when it comes to my influencers, there is also a constant theme… they all have tried to make a difference to others. Altruistic.

“Look for opportunities, not for other people’s opinion” which was said to me very early on in my career and I have never forgotten it. Opportunities are everywhere (so are opinions…) so go after the opportunities. If you’re not winning, you’re learning!